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  • Club Membership Committee Basics (Rotary Learning Center) -Learn more about your responsibilities in developing your club’s strategic membership plan to attract and engage members.
  • Your Membership Plan (Rotary Learning Center) -When you make a long-term membership plan, you make a commitment to your club’s health. Following a long-term membership plan can help you take care of your club to keep it in good health for now and the future. Create a step-by-step plan to strengthen your club and keep it vibrant and relevant to your community.
  • Strategies for Attracting New Members (Rotary Learning Center) – Learn how to attract prospective members, update the experience your club offers, and better showcase what it does well. If you can do this, you’ll attract new members while having fun and thriving as a club.
  • Rotary Membership Anytown
  • Best Practices for Engaging Members (Rotary Learning Center) -Develop strategies for engaging people at all stages of membership. You’ll learn how to energize the club experience, make members happy, and keep your club from becoming stale.
  • Building a Diverse Club (Rotary Learning Center) – Learn how to diversify your club so it better reflects your community, increases your club’s capacity, and makes it more attractive to prospective members.
  • Committing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Rotary Learning Center) – We are committed to putting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at the core of the Rotary experience. Learn more about Rotary’s DEI statement, what DEI means, and how you can put it into practice to create positive experiences.
  • Design an Inclusive Plan for Your Organization (Rotary Learning Center) -This interactive framework can be used to facilitate a discussion about the diversity of your clubs and organizations— any actions should extend to all activities and have measurable results.
  • Membership
    • Rotary Learning Center -Learn how to strengthen your club’s membership by enrolling in these courses. Using real-life scenarios, our interactive learning materials let you practice making choices as a fictional club leader and see what works and what doesn’t.
    • District Membership Training Video
  • Kick-start Your New Member Orientation
    • (Rotary Learning Center) – Are new members leaving within a year or two? Learn how to better connect with them and help them get involved from the start.
    • District Rotary Minute Video
  • Nurturing New Clubs (Rotary Learning Center) – Club supporters can learn their roles for helping clubs achieve success. This course provides best practices for guiding clubs during their formative or rebuilding years.
  • Practicing Flexibility and Innovation (Rotary Learning Center) – A rigid club is no fun at all! If you find that your club’s rules are preventing members from getting the experience they want from Rotary, try changing them.
    • Satellite Club (Rotary Learning Center)
    • Passport Club
    • Fellowships
      • Rotary Learning Center –Rotary Fellowships help Rotary members and friends build a global community around shared hobbies, passions, professions, and identities. These courses help Rotary Fellowships officers and board members succeed as leaders of a global Rotary Fellowship.
      • District Recording Fellowships


  • Youth Guide to Service Learning (Rotary Learning Center) – This course is for youth participants. Find out how to make an impact through service-learning, which combines community service with learning objectives that empower young people to develop real-world leadership skills.
  • Club Service Projects Basics (Rotary Learning Center) –Learn about the role of a club service projects committee member, member service opportunities, how to plan service projects, and how to assess project risks.
  • Grant Management
    • Global Grants (Rotary Learning Center) – Interested in applying for a global grant? These courses will look at a grant from start to finish.
    • District Grants (District recordings about District Grants) – Interested in applying for a district grant? This video will look at a district grant from start to finish.



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Assistant Governors

AG Area 10 Area 10
Allison David
Club: Brandywine-Naamans
Area 10 Clubs: Brandywine Hundred Rotary Club, Brandywine-Naamans, Caesar Rodney of Wilmington, IMPACT - Wilmington, Wilmington


AG Area 20 Area 20
Greg L. Warren
Club: Newark
Area 20 Clubs: Christiana, Newark, Newark Morning IMPACT, Newark Star, Newark-Morning, North East


AG Area 40 Area 40
Steven L Grossman
Club: Rehoboth Beach Sunrise
Area 40 Clubs: Georgetown-Millsboro, Harrington-Greenwood-Felton Cent, Milford, Nanticoke/Seaford


AG Area 41 Area 41
Steven L Grossman
Club: Rehoboth Beach Sunrise
Area 41 Clubs: Lewes-Rehoboth Beach, Long Neck Sunrise, Rehoboth Beach Sunrise, Southern Sussex (Selbyville)


AG Area 50 Area 50
Bradley Lundberg
Club: Kent Island
Area 50 Clubs: Centreville, Chestertown, Denton, Kent Island


AG Area 51 Area 51
Michael A. Friedberg
Club: St. Michaels
Area 51 Clubs: Cambridge, Easton, Londonderry Satellite, St. Michaels, Tidewater-Easton


AG Area 60 Area 60
Marie Calafiura
Club: Salisbury
Area 60 Clubs: Ocean City-Berlin, Salisbury, Salisbury-Sunrise, Snow Hill, Wicomico County